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Women's Health

While myofascial release treats the whole body and the whole person, it is important to acknowledge the role of the pelvic floor in overall health. There is also importance in treating newborns immediately following delivery and through childhood to help resolve birthing traumas and prevent future issues. So many issues and symptoms that people experience can be helped through this specialized treatment. 


Being a woman is an amazing experience. But it also comes with challenges. These challenges are not always immediately apparent, but eventually can become evident in our bodies, our minds and our health. John F. Barnes Myofascial Release can address the fascial restrictions creating the following:

Urinary incontinence/frequency         

Painful intercourse

Breast Implant/Explant


Cysts (ovary/uterus)

Painful mestruation

Symptoms associated with menopause


Emotional trauma from sexual assualt/molestation

Unresolved hip/back pain



Breast cysts

Episiotomy scars



Pregnancy, Delivery and Baby Care

Myofascial release is also an important part of your health before, during and after pregnancy. We treat mother and baby and can help with:


Preparation of the body for delivery

Stress relief for mother and infant during pregnancy

Treatment of mother and baby immediately following birth to help heal the body and relieve the stress of the birthing process

C-Section Scar Release


Tongue Ties

Sensory deficits


























***Jennifer Lind, M.S. Ed, OTR/L has completed the John F. Barnes Women's Health course and is also licensed in the state of Florida to perform pelvic treatment. You can click here to learn more about Florida requirements and scope of practice for occupational therapists in Florida:

We are proud members of the Tampa Bay Birthing Network since 2019, which encourages and supports individuals, families and professionals that support holistic and informed pregnancy, parenting and birth for all.

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