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Myofascial Release and Your Pet

Myofascial release is not just for people! Your pets can benefit whether it is health and wellness maintenance, rehabilitation after a surgery or injury or managing symptoms of old age and chronic conditions. We want to help you give your pet the best care and we can also show you techniques you can use to help your pet for long term comfort and wellness. 

Myofascial Release for pets can help with things like:


Chronic Urinary Tract Infections

Hip, Knee, Shoulder pain

Ear infections

Swallowing Issues

Digestive Issues

Soft Tissue Trauma

Back/Spine Pain


Dinah Jane

English Bulldog

I am a 10 year old English bulldog and my dad brought me to Jennifer at New Life Myofascial Release because I hurt my shoulder going down some stairs. The doctor wanted to give me lots of medications but I had treatments from Jennifer and I am back to running up and down a full flight of stairs without difficulty. I also have a sore left hip due to my age so I see her regularly to keep my pain at a minimum and keep me active, Myofascial release is good for pets too!

(Review written by Dinah's dad)

Jen and Fluffy.jpg


I am usually an indoor cat. But I was sneaky one night and got outside. I was missing for over a day and when I came home, I was severely traumatized, had been bitten by something repeatedly and could barely walk or move.  I received daily treatment from Jen for over a week and now I am back to my normal, sweet and precocious self. The vet said that if I hadn't received this treatment, I would have had to be hospitalized! 

(Review written by Fluffy's owner)

How Does It Work?

Myofascial Release is applied with the same principles used for humans. We can see your pet at your home (depending on location) or in our studio. We perform an initial consultation to build rapport, determine your pet's needs and estimate how long they will potentially tolerate treatment. From there we will recommend a treatment plan individualized for your pet. 

You can book an appointment by calling or texting us at 813-461-4171

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