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Luan, Physical Therapist

I met Jen a few years ago at a myofascial study group. We happened to be paired up to exchange myofascial release. Our connection was instantaneous. Her kind heart, instinctive touch and knowledge of myofascial release was powerful. Jen guided me through an internal journey of freedom. She brought to light imbalances in my body and geared me to emotional releases that I had been holding on to for so long. I felt liberated after her treatment. She has special healing hands.

Kendra L

Jennifer Lind is an awesome Myofascial Release therapist. Her inner wisdom and ability to heal others is not to be surpassed. In one treatment with Jen, I had immediate pain relief after my back went out. Her treatment allowed me to travel pain free after that without any symptoms or dysfunction. As a fellow MFR therapist, I would say that Jen’s compassion for others sets her apart in this authentic healing modality and I would highly recommend her!

Helen Jo


Myofascial Release has become a valuable part of my life thanks to Jennifer. I have weekly sessions and in between I do the movements that Jennifer showed me. Her explanation and insights are easy to understand and her hands-on work is healing and relaxing. It is wonderful to experience her caring touch.

Melissa Y

I genuinely feel better than I have in a very long time. Jennifer is wonderful. She is kind, caring, and very knowledgeable about many things. Speaking with her is like talking to an old friend. I highly recommend giving her a chance

I'm so, so grateful I found Jennifer, and gladly drive one hour to see her.
She is an amazing gifted, caring therapist, always takes time TO LISTEN before each treatment, very intuitive and knows exactly what to do every time you see her.
My body is responding extremely well and improving after each treatment. She is, truly, an expert in what she does and has thorough understand of the human anatomy.
Also, she is very organized with scheduling and is always on time.
I HIGHLY recommend her!

mike childs.jpg

Mike Childs

Personal Trainer 

I met Jennifer a year ago through a mutual friend that I was training. I was in a car accident a few months later, where I ended up having a pinched nerve and two bulging discs in my neck. Jen offered her services,  but like most people I tried to push and work through the pain thinking that I could do it on my own. This caused more pain and my muscles starting feeling the effects of my stubbornness.  My entire right arm started to atrophy and the pain became unbearable. 

 By the time I scheduled an appointment I had tried everyone except her. Chiropractors, acupuncture,  and physical therapy.  I was literally at a breaking point and Jennifer stepped in with talents! At first I thought it was going to be one of those fu fu massages where I wouldn't feel anything because, " I'm so big and strong." With just a few visits, I was back baby!!! My whole outlook on myofasical release gave me back my mojo... and I soon started recovering the muscle strength and tone that I was accustomed to having. I AM forever a believer in not only her talents with her hands, but her patience with me and my stubborn attitude.


Elizabeth Felix

Real Estate Specialist

I went to see Jennifer after years and years of deep tissue massages. I suffer from chronic back pain. In the first 30 mins with Jennifer she was able to find that my pelvis was tilted, and my shoulders were in hunched forward. During my first visit with her she worked on my pelvis and give me examples of how I should stand and how to notice when I’m applying pressure in the wrong areas. She worked on my front shoulders and chest which being a woman never gets touched during a regular massage.  Amazing! Without ever touching my back I walked out of her office with 80% of my pain gone. 
I recommend Jennifer to everyone who suffers from pain. She is educated, passionate and committed to healing.

Nicole S

Jennifer has helped give me significant relief to my back and hip pain after just three sessions. She is very skilled and has a comfortable bedside manner. She is very caring and willing to equip you to help yourself between sessions. If you are interested in the benefits myofascial release can have on your body I highly recommend booking an appointment with Jennifer.

I started working with Jen about 6 months ago.  I originally started seeing her for a hip injury, but have since been seeing her for shoulder, elbow and back issues.  All of these issues have greatly improved from my sessions with her.  From the moment I met her, she has been nothing but kind and compassionate with my healing.  She is very professional and knows immediately what is going on with your body, even if you do not.  She is very gentle and never forces any practice that you're not comfortable with.  She also allows you to heal at your own pace, which allows your body to emotionally and physically release in its own time.  She is an amazing person and practitioner, who is passionate about helping others.  Thank you so much Jen for all you've done for me.

Theresa MacNeil, PhD, Florida Southern College

Patricia Zak- Retired 

I received an MFR gift certificate from my sister for Christmas but I ignored it. I then visited my sister in Chicago and went to her MFR therapist and liked it so much I came home and wanted to use my gift certificate. I thought I would just come once to use it and not go back. I came to New Life MFR with knee pain and shoulder pain and was told I would need a shoulder replacement. After receiving treatments from Jennifer, I no longer have shoulder pain and have restored complete range of motion, The pain in my knees is gone and I walk better than I have in years, I consider myofascial release extremely helpful and Jennifer is someone I would highly recommend. 

Leah V

Jen is a compassionate and natural healer. She performed myofascial release on me and the relief I felt was immediate. I highly recommend Jen if you're looking for a highly-qualified professional who is able to weave together both knowledge about human anatomy and relieving emotional & physical pain.

Dan T

I have been receiving MFR treatment from Jen for about 1 month. She has helped me tremendously to recover from a hip replacement which has bothered me for over three years. I’m able to exercise and walk without pain for the first time in years. Jen is very intuitive and able to find areas of restriction that are not evident to me, but are related to the source of my pain. I highly recommend Jen as an MFR professional

Donna S

This was my first appointment with Jennifer. She was warm and caring, and explained everything to me. I am thankful that i have found her, she is highly skilled in the myofascial release. I look forward to continuing my treatment with her as my body continues to be restored to vibrant health. Jennifer's place of business and the atmosphere there was fabulous!

Hunter M

I have hand and neck pain. I am a guitarist so the hand pain is a big deal. I thought surgery was going to be my only option until I visited New Life MFR. I always leave feeling like a new man, and unlike other therapies I've tried, these improvements actually stick! Jen is a true professional. It is obvious she loves what she does. She really listens to you and tailors her approach to your needs. 

Martin D

I’ve been working with Jennifer for over 8 years and it’s allowed me to play tennis non stop everyday for all those years pain free. Definitely worth trying out!

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