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New Life Myofascial Release

Heal yourself inside and out, and allow the happy, healthy you to emerge. 

  • Are you tired of being sent through a health care system that treats pain, stress and physical dysfunction with medication and "protocol therapies" without results? 

  • Are you ready to address the underlying fascial restrictions that are causing these issues so that you can finally experience true and long lasting results?  

Come see us at New Life Myofascial Release and live your life to its potential!


What is John F Barnes Myofascial Release?

Fascia is connective tissue that runs head to toe in your body like a web. Over time,  we develop restrictions in the fascia through injuries, emotional and physical traumas, pregnancy, tongue ties, poor posture or repetitive strain on our bodies. These restrictions create 2,000 pounds per square inch of pressure on your body and result in pain, fatigue, weakness, depression and a host of other issues. Releasing these restrictions allows for better circulation, nerve function, muscle and joint health, increased flexibility, improved posture and more functional mobility.


John F. Barnes, PT developed and has been practicing true myofascial release for over 50 years. This therapy treats the whole person and addresses the underlying causes for your pain and dysfunction. Traditional therapy treats symptoms and therefore has only temporary effects on long-term health. Myofascial release is real, authentic healing.


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