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Tongue Tie

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A tongue tie is a fascial restriction that affects the whole body. In order for a release to be successful in helping to decrease or relieve your symptoms, you need an MFR therapist to prepare your fascial system. MFR is a vital part of the tongue tie release process, and foundational for overall health. Pre-treatment is essential to create a more complete release and prepare the body, making post-op easier by reducing inflammation through the removal of restrictions. Post treatments help to further relieve the restrictions that the tie may have prevented from fully releasing. This is true for not only infants and children, but also adults.

Symptoms of Tongue Tie

Tongue ties used to be diagnosed either visually or by infants having difficulty breast feeding. These are old methods that are outdates and lead to many people's tongue ties being missed. In addition to a visual inspection, a good practitioner will also do a functional assessment (like a speech therapy evaluation or myofunctional therapy evaluation) as well as a symptom based assessment. The functional and structural presentation of the upper lip, lower lip and buccals are also assessed. Below are just a few of the symptoms that can be seen. Not all have to present to indicate a tongue tie and there can be others not on this list.

Infant Symptoms

-Painful nursing/shallow latch

-Reflux/Spitting up

-Poor weight gain

-Clicking or Smacking when feeding

-Sleeps in odd positions

-Poor milk supply

Child Symptoms

-Speech and Feeding Issues

-Nigh Terrors/Nightmares

-Bed wetting beyond normal age

-Poor Sleep Quality

-Mouth Breathing/Belly Sleeping

-Sensory Issues/Food texture Sensitivity

Adult Symptoms

- Head and Neck Tightness

-Anxiety and/or GI issues

_TMJ/Teeth Grinding or clenching


-Snoring/sleep apnea/poor sleep


Watch these Videos on TT Release and MFR

Jen's Personal Experience with tongue tie Release
Dr. Zaghi- leading researcher and ENT for tongue tie
J and B and Dr Z.jpg

We have been fortunate enough to meet, learn from and work alongside Dr. Zaghi (with Dr. Dy as our host). He takes a truly functional approach to tongue tie and sleeping and breathing related issues for the best results. 

Preferred Providers

There are many different theories and approaches to tongue tie release. We believe in a comprehensive and collaborative approach and have aligned ourselves with practitioners who feel the same. After years of experience treating clients with tongue ties, we can say with confidence that we see the best results with clients who work with a team and address all aspects of their restrictions, not just what is visual. We will always support what our client thinks is best for them and will work with most providers, as our primary concern is your health and wellness. 

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Dr. Elizabeth Dy, DMD
Sleep and Breathing Wellness Center
Tampa, FL
Dr. Zaghi Affiliate

Dr. Maribel Santos-Cordero, DMD
Dentistry for Children and Adolescents
Dr. Susan Sheahan, DMD
Breathing and Functional Dentistry
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