One beautiful part about Myofascial Release is the idea that we can enjoy our lives, be who we want to be and follow our dreams. I have created this page as a reverence to people I know who have done just that.  It may be starting a business, traveling worldwide or writing a book. But all of these things take courage and determination. And that is worth celebrating. Everyone has to walk their own path, but no one should have to walk it alone. 

"Italy With a Side of Mayo"

Laughter brings great joy to the world. I write about humorous travel adventures from a female 30-something perspective. Travel is always exciting with me! I'm that mischievous friend that is in your circle of friends. The one that is a goof ball that will do anything to make you laugh. You can visit another country without having to pay for air fare when you are reading my books. I also have a spiritual book in the works. It shows that we have great personal power and that there are no coincidences. We truly do create our own destiny and adventures.

Kelly Matczak, author

Christina Arenas, owner of Blue Sage Eco Boutique

Blue Sage Natural Soy Candles are hand-poured candles created with love by the founder, Christina. She was inspired by the way candles have the power to change the energy of a room with their soft glow and fragrance. Made locally in Tampa, Florida 

Sorrento Sweets is an authentic Italian Bakery. The first location is in Port Richey and the second location will be opening in Hyde Park Village in October 2018.

Our Master baker and partner Salvatore Paturzo was born and raised in the bakery business in Sorrento, Italy where he took over his father's bakery at the age of 10 and continue on to become one of the most respected bakers in Sorrento.

He now has 55 years of bakery experience and his wife Rose have been operating Sorrento's for over 16 years in Pasco County. Sorrento's is known for its from scratch cookies, cakes and pastries with sacred recipes dating back to the 1960's. 

Sorrento sweets will be offering an amazing selection of cookies, cakes and pastries made with love. In addition it will offer a fun mix of beverage options to include gelato shakes, gelato floats, espresso drinks and more. 

Mary Duda, PTA, Reiki Master

 Reiki is a way of life. A way to see and explore all things. It is about healing our lives, our way of thinking and seeing the world. Letting go and releasing all that doesn't serve and having the life we desire. I am Reiki Master for five years. I found Reiki at a time in my life when I was having many struggles and it brought me so much healing and gave me the tools to heal myself and others.

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